9 Books To Read To Your Little Ones This Fall

Let's face it, as moms sometimes we feel like librarians. The collection of books that fill our homes are curated, constantly checked out (aka. scattered in different rooms, cubbies, cars), and some have seen better days. Here are 9 books to add to your bookshelf (or living room floor) that are equal parts entertaining for your kiddos, and entertaining for you (who will likely be reading on repeat for the foreseeable future). Bonus? We found a few picks that go beyond teaching the basics that will give your little ones some perspective on the world, being kind and loving the planet and all those on it.

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

What a Waste by Jess French

The World Needs More Purple People by Kristen Bell & Benjamin Hart

Good Night, Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle

Every book in this series is on repeat in Steph's household, but if you ask her son Bryant this one is the absolute best.

Shaking Things Up by Susan Hood

I Promise by Lebron James

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School by Mo Willems

Rosa Parks (Little People, Big Dreams) by Lisbeth Kaiser

Sarah's pick, this book is favourited by her daughter Ridley who has been reading this one (Sarah does the reading) since she was little.


I Am Peace by Susan Verde