Simple Goods About Steph


Simple Goods exists to share beautiful products, honest knowledge and the simple joys to help make your life, well, simpler.

From apothecary to home, style to stationary, we sell only the best goods for your little ones, for your home, for your family, for your neighbour, for your friend and most importantly -- yourself.


Simple Goods was created out of the curiosity and desire for things to be simple. As a working mom and having battled cancer, there was a shift in priorities.

The simple things in life are the things we cherish most. A great coffee to start the day, a sweet good morning kiss from our partner, making toast with our kids. Why shouldn’t the products we use everyday also share that ‘simple pleasure’ feeling while being healthy and natural?
SIMPLE: uncomplicated in form, nature, or design
I sought out to discover the best products. Tried and tested by us (my little ones and husband as well.) Every product on is curated to be simply the best.


Leaving a lighter impact on the Earth is important to our family as well. We want to do our part in reducing waste and being kind to our earth not just for ourselves, but with our little one's futures in mind. 

We use compostable shipping materials and curate our products with sustainability as a must. Our brands share this same value and all Simple Goods products use recycled packaging, and sustainably sourced materials.